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Version: 0.6

Function Library


std.atoi(string): number

Parses a string into a number.

std.atoi("42") // 42
std.atoi("42.1") // 42.1

base64, base64decode

std.base64(bytes): base64_string
std.base64decode(base64_string): bytes

Encodes and decods base64.

std.base64("hello") // "aGVsbG8="
std.base64decode("aGVsbG8=") // "hello"


std.contains(string, string): boolean
std.contains(list, value): boolean
std.contains(object, key): boolean

Returns whether the input contains a given value/key.

std.contains("asdf", "as") // true
std.contains("asdf", "foo") // false

std.contains(["asdf","bar"], "bar") // true
std.contains(["asdf","bar"], "baz") // false

std.contains({"x": "y", "a" :"b"}, "a") // true
std.contains({"x": "y", "a" :"b"}, "z") // false

dirname, basename, fileExt

std.dirname(string): string
std.basename(string): string
std.fileExt(string): string

Extracts the dirname (parent path), basename (filename), and file extension of a path

std.dirname("/a/b/foo.txt") // "/a/b"
std.basename("/a/b/foo.txt") // "foo.txt"
std.fileExt("/a/b/foo.txt") // ".txt"

endsWith, startsWith

std.endsWith(string, suffix): boolean
std.startsWith(string, prefix): boolean

Returns whether the input string starts or ends with a given string.

std.endsWith("foobar", "foo") // false
std.endsWith("foobar", "bar") // true

std.startsWith("foobar", "foo") // true
std.startsWith("foobar", "bar") // false

fromHex, toHex

std.toHex(ascii_string): hex_string
std.fromHex(hex_string): ascii_string

Converts characters between ascii/binary and hex-encoding.

std.toHex('hi') // "6869"
std.fromHex("6869") // "hi"

fromYAML, toYAML

std.fromYAML(yaml_string): object
std.toYAML(object): yaml_string

Parses a string of YAML and into an object and vice-versa.

x: std.fromYAML("""
a: 1
b: 2

// x now is equivalent to:
foo: bar: {
a: 1
b: 2

std.toYAML({foo: bar: "baz"}) // "foo:\n bar:\n baz"


std.ifelse(condition, value1, value2): value

Returns value1 if condition is true, and value2 otherwise.

std.ifelse(1 > 2, "yes", "no") // "no"
std.ifelse(1 <= 2, "yes", "no") // "yes"


str.indexOf(string, substring): number
str.indexOf(list, value): number

Returns the index where a given value exists in the input string or list.

std.indexOf("hello", "ll") // 2
std.indexOf("hello", "world") // -1

std.indexOf(["hello", "ll"], "hello") // 0
std.indexOf(["hello", "ll"], "world") // -1

join, split

std.join(list, separator_string): string
std.split(string, separator_string): list

Splits a string up into a list based on a separator string, and vice-versa.

std.split("hi,bye", ",") // ["hi", "bye"]
std.join(["a", "b"], ",") // "a,b"


std.len(string): number
std.len(list): number

Returns the length of the input string, or the number of items in the input list

std.len("hello") // 5
std.len([1,2,3]) // 3


std.merge(object1, object2): object

Recursively combines the values of two separate objects into one.

x: {
a: "b",
c: "d",
f: {
a: "b",
x: "y",
l: [1, 2]

y: {
a: "b2",
d: "e",
f: {
x: "y2",
l: [1, 2, 3]

z: std.merge(x, y)

// z is now:
z: {
a: "b2",
c: "d",
d: "e",
f: {
a: "b"
x: "y2"
l: [1,2,3]


mod(num, div): number

Computes the remainder of integer division (modulus)

mod(3,2) // 1
mod(14,5) // 4


pathJoin(list): string
pathJoin(list, separator): string

Combines multiple segments of a path into one string.

std.pathJoin(["a", "//b", "c/"], "/") // "a/b/c"
std.pathJoin(["a", "//b", "c/"]) // "a/b/c"
std.pathJoin(["a", "//b", "c/"], "\\") // "a\\b\\c"


std.range(end): list[numbers]
std.range(start, end): list[numbers]
std.range(start, end, increment): list[numbers]

Returns a list of numbers between start (inclusive, defaulting to 0) and end (exclusive) in steps of increment (defaulting to 1).

std.range(5) // [0, 1, 2, 3, 4]
std.range(2,5) // [2,3,4]
std.range(0, 5, 2) // [0, 2, 4]


std.replace(string, from, to): string
std.replace(string, from, to, limit): string

Replaces instances of from in the input string with to, upte limit times (if specified).

std.replace("hhh", "h", "b") // "bbb"
std.replace("hhhhh", "h", "b", 3) // "bbbhh"


std.reverse(list): list

Reverses the order of items in a list.

std.reverse([2,5,4]) // [4,5,2]

sha1sum, sha256sum, sha512sum

std.sha1sum(string): string
std.sha256sum(string): string
std.sha512sum(string): string

Returns the SHA-* hash of the input string.

std.sha1sum("hi") // "c22b5f9178342609428d6f51b2c5af4c0bde6a42"
std.sha256sum("hi") // "8f434346648f6b96df89dda901c5176b10a6d83961dd3c1ac88b59b2dc327aa4"
std.sha512sum("hi") // "150a14ed5bea6cc731cf86c41566ac427a8db48ef1b9fd626664b3bfbb99071fa4c922f33dde38719b8c8354e2b7ab9d77e0e67fc12843920a712e73d558e197"


std.slice(list, start): list
std.slice(list, start, end): list

Returns a subset of list starting at the start index, and ending at end (or the end of the list)

std.slice([1,2,3,4,5], 1) // [2,3,4,5]
std.slice([1,2,3,4,5], 1, 3) // [2,3,4]


std.sort(list): list
std.sort(list, compare_fn): list

Sorts the items in a list.

std.sort([2,5,4]) // [2,4,5]
std.sort([2, 5, 4], {x: int, y: int, less: x > y}) // [5,4,2]

splitHostPort, joinHostPort

std.splitHostPort(host_port): [host, port]
std.joinHostPort(host, port): string

Separates a host+port string into its individual pieces, and vice-versa.

std.splitHostPort("") // ["", "443"]
std.splitHostPort("[1::1]:443") // ["1::1", "443"]
std.joinHostPort("1::1", 443) // "[1::1]:443"

toLower, toTitle, toUpper

std.toLower(string): string
std.toTitle(string): string
std.toUpper(string): string

Converts the case of characters in the input string.

std.toLower("HELLO") // "hello"
std.toUpper("hello") // "HELLO"
std.toTitle("hello world") // "Hello World"
std.toTitle("hellO WorLD") // "HellO WorLD"

trim, trimPrefix, trimSuffix

std.trim(string): string
std.trim(string, chars): string

std.trimPrefix(string): string
std.trimPrefix(string, chars): string

std.trimSuffix(string): string
std.trimSuffix(strin, charsg): string

Removes matching characters (whitespace by default) from the beginning, end or both sides of a string.

std.trim("  hi  ") // "hi"
std.trim("wwwHIwww", "w") // "HI"

std.trimPrefix(" asdf ") // "asdf "
std.trimPrefix("asdf", "as") // "df"

std.trimSuffix(" asdf ") // " asdf"
std.trimSuffix("asdf", "df") // "as"