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Version: 0.7


The top level keys of an Acornfile

An Acornfile has predefined top level structs, and it is recommended to define them in the following order:

args: { // defines arguments the consumer can provide }
profiles: { // defines a set of default arguments for different deployment types }
containers: { // defines the containers to run the application }
volumes: { // defines persistent storage volumes for the containers to consume }
jobs: { // defines tasks to run on changes or via cron }
acorns: { // other Acorn applications that need to be deployed with your app (databases, etc.) }
secrets: { // defines secret bits of data that are automatically generated or passed by the user }
localData: { // default data and configuration variables }

At a minimum, the Acornfile needs to specify at least one container to run.

containers: {
nginx: {
image: "nginx"

User defined key requirements

Second-level keys defined by the user underneath the containers, volumes, secrets, and jobs blocks must:

  • Contain only lowercase alphanumeric characters, - or .
  • Start with an alphanumeric character
  • End with an alphanumeric character

Keys defined in args, profiles, and localData should use camelCase.