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Version: 0.4

acorn install

acorn install

Install and configure acorn in the cluster

acorn install [flags]


acorn install


      --acorn-dns string                      enabled|disabled|auto. If enabled, containers created by Acorn will get public FQDNs. Auto functions as disabled if a custom clusterDomain has been supplied (default auto)
--acorn-dns-endpoint string The URL to access the Acorn DNS service
--api-server-replicas int acorn-api deployment replica count
--auto-upgrade-interval string For apps configured with automatic upgrades enabled, the interval at which to check for new versions. Upgrade intervals configured at the application level cannot be smaller than this. (default '5m' - 5 minutes)
--cluster-domain strings The externally addressable cluster domain (default
--controller-replicas int acorn-controller deployment replica count
--default-publish-mode string If no publish mode is set default to this value (default user)
-h, --help help for install
--image string Override the default image used for the deployment
--ingress-class-name string The ingress class name to assign to all created ingress resources (default '')
--internal-cluster-domain string The Kubernetes internal cluster domain (default svc.cluster.local)
--lets-encrypt string enabled|disabled|staging. If enabled, acorn generated endpoints will be secured using TLS certificate from Let's Encrypt. Staging uses Let's Encrypt's staging environment. (default disabled)
--lets-encrypt-email string Required if --lets-encrypt=enabled. The email address to use for Let's Encrypt registration(default '')
--lets-encrypt-tos-agree Required if --lets-encrypt=enabled. If true, you agree to the Let's Encrypt terms of service (default false)
-o, --output string Output manifests instead of applying them (json, yaml)
--pod-security-enforce-profile string The name of the PodSecurity profile to set (default baseline)
--set-pod-security-enforce-profile Set the PodSecurity profile on created namespaces (default true)
--skip-checks Bypass installation checks

Options inherited from parent commands

  -A, --all-namespaces      Namespace to work in
--context string Context to use in the kubeconfig file
--debug Enable debug logging
--debug-level int Debug log level (valid 0-9) (default 7)
--kubeconfig string Location of a kubeconfig file
--namespace string Namespace to work in (default "acorn")