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acorn image copy

acorn image copy

Copy Acorn images between registries

acorn image copy [flags] SOURCE DESTINATION

This command copies Acorn images between remote image registries.
It does not interact with images stored in the Acorn internal registry, or with the Acorn API in any way.
To set up credentials for a registry, use 'acorn login -l <registry>'. It only works with locally stored credentials.


  # Copy an image from Docker Hub to GHCR:
acorn copy<username>/myimage:v1<username>/myimage:v1

# Copy the 'main' tag on an image to the 'prod' tag on the same image, and overwrite if it already exists:
acorn copy<username>/myimage:main prod --force

# Copy all tags on a particular image repo in Docker Hub to GHCR:
acorn copy --all-tags<username>/myimage<username>/myimage


  -a, --all-tags   Copy all tags of the image
-f, --force Overwrite the destination image if it already exists
-h, --help help for copy

Options inherited from parent commands

      --config-file string   Path of the acorn config file to use
--debug Enable debug logging
--debug-level int Debug log level (valid 0-9) (default 7)
--kubeconfig string Explicitly use kubeconfig file, overriding the default context
-j, --project string Project to work in