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Version: 0.10

acorn events

acorn events

List events about Acorn resources

acorn events [flags] [PREFIX]


# List all events in the current project
acorn events

# List events across all projects
acorn -A events

# List the last 10 events
acorn events --tail 10

# List the last 5 events and follow the event log
acorn events --tail 5 -f

# Filter by Related Resource
# If a PREFIX is given in the form '<kind>/<name>', the results of this command are pruned to include
# only those events related to resources matching the given kind and name.
# List events related to the 'hello' app in the current project
acorn events app/hello

# If the '/<name>' suffix is omitted, '<kind>' will match events related to any resource of the given kind.
# List events related to any app in the current project
acorn events app

# Filter by Event Name
# If the PREFIX '/<name>' suffix is omitted, and the '<kind>' doesn't match a known event source, its value
# is interpreted as an event name prefix.
# List events with names that begin with '4b2b'
acorn events 4b2b

# Get a single event by name
acorn events 4b2ba097badf2031c4718609b9179fb5

# Filtering by Time
# The --since and --until options can be Unix timestamps, date formatted timestamps, or Go duration strings (relative to system time).
# List events observed within the last 15 minutes
acorn events --since 15m

# List events observed between 2023-05-08T15:04:05 and 2023-05-08T15:05:05 (inclusive)
acorn events --since '2023-05-08T15:04:05' --until '2023-05-08T15:05:05'


  -f, --follow          Follow the event log
-h, --help help for events
-o, --output string Output format (json, yaml, {{gotemplate}})
-s, --since string Show all events created since timestamp
-t, --tail int Return this number of latest events
-u, --until string Stream events until this timestamp

Options inherited from parent commands

      --config-file string   Path of the acorn config file to use
--debug Enable debug logging
--debug-level int Debug log level (valid 0-9) (default 7)
--kubeconfig string Explicitly use kubeconfig file, overriding the default context
-j, --project string Project to work in