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Version: 0.7

acorn events

acorn events

List events about Acorn resources

acorn events [flags]


# List all events in the current project
acorn events

# List events across all projects
acorn -A events

# List the last 10 events
acorn events --tail 10

# Getting Details
# The 'details' field provides additional information about an event.
# By default, this field is elided from this command's output, but can be enabled via the '--details' flag.
acorn events --details


  -d, --details         Don't strip event details from response
-h, --help help for events
-o, --output string Output format (json, yaml, {{gotemplate}})
-t, --tail int Return this number of latest events

Options inherited from parent commands

  -A, --all-projects        Use all known projects
--debug Enable debug logging
--debug-level int Debug log level (valid 0-9) (default 7)
--kubeconfig string Explicitly use kubeconfig file, overriding current project
-j, --project string Project to work in